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Got this spam/phishing email today about unusual bank activity and a possible suspension of a bank account … yeah, right.

Anyway, the email is in need of the Grammar Police and Comma Clout, so here goes.

“Dear Bank Customer_ ,

Because of unusual number of invalid login attempts on your account, we had to believe that, their might be some security problem on your account…”

Comma Clout needed:

  1. remove the space before the comma in the greeting: “Dear Bank Customer,
  2. remove the comma before the incorrectly-used “their” in the first sentence: “… we had to believe that …”

Grammar Policing needed: “their” should be “there:” “… we had to believe that there might be …”

See the Grammar Police blog post: “There you have it …” for more on There vs. Their (and They’re).

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Actually, the following Craig’s List job posting headline may need a colon instead of a comma:

“Part-Time Job Readiness Class Instructors Needed”


(click here to see the real job posting)

Unless this is to say that job readiness is to be part-time (we’d think not), it needs treatment:

As is: “Part-Time Job Readiness Class Instructors Needed”

With Colon Clout: “Part-Time: Job Readiness Class Instructors Needed”

Even better: “Part-Time Instructors Needed: Job Readiness Class”

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